Our Leadership

Pastor Siepert

Our Pastor

Rev. Dagan Siepert was installed as Sole-Pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on August 24 in the year of Our Lord 2019.

Pastor Siepert was born on June 27, 1987 to David and Cathy (Grizzle) Siepert in Arlington Texas.  He was baptized at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Aleman Texas on August 6th 1987.  After a few years in North Texas, David moved his family to his hometown of Hamilton, a small town of about 3000 people “deep in the heart of Texas.”  It was there that Dagan was brought up in the holy catholic faith, in the deeply devout German Lutheran community of Aleman.  He was confirmed in the baptismal covenant on Trinity Sunday, 2002.

At the age of 10, Dagan was selected to be the organist at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Aleman, having been trained by the pastor’s wife.  He would continue to study piano and organ and upon graduation from high school in 2006, would attend the University of North Texas to pursue further studies in music.  That same year he was appointed Kantor and Organist at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Denton Texas, a position he would hold for eight years.  After six years of study (and constantly changing majors!) Dagan took a Bachelor of Science in Merchandising in August 2012.

By this time, the Lord God had planted the seed in his heart to consider attending seminary.  In August 2014, Dagan moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana to attend Concordia Theological Seminary.  His vicarage would be under the supervision of Rev. Barry Keurulainen, Pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Cabot Pennsylvania.  This experience would have a profound impact on Dagan as he forged fond friendships and, through laughter and tears, learned what it means to be a shepherd of the flock of God.

Dagan took the Masters of Divinity in November 2018 and upon accepting the call to Our Redeemer, was ordained at his home parish in Denoton Texas on August 3rd, 2019.

Dagan is passionate about expository preaching, which opens and illuminates the Word of God one verse at a time.  His piety has been greatly influenced by the sacred music of Johann Sebastian Bach and the devotional writings of the Puritans from the 17th and 18th centuries.  He has been described as an “old soul” and lover of all things “before his time.”  It has been a dream for him to live in New England and so far, he says it’s “wicked awesome.”

Our Elders

Our elders assist the pastor in maintaining and developing the spiritual life of the Church.

Mark Goodrich
Brett Markham

Our Council

Our council is elected by the members of the congregation and is responsible for the stewardship of the temporal presence of the Church.

President: David Leel
Vice President: Jim Barry
Secretary:  Chris Moser
Financial Secretary: Francine Markham
Elder’s Representative: Mark Goodrich
Stewardship: Brett Markham