Weekly Devotions

Bible Readings

January 12: Ezek. 34:1-24; Rom. 3:19-31
January 13: Ezek. 36:13-28; Rom. 4:1-25
January 14: Ezek. 36:33-37:14; Rom. 5:1-21
January 15: Ezek. 37:15-28; Rom. 6:1-23
January 16: Ezek. 38:1-23; Rom. 7:1-20
January 17: Ezek. 39:1-10, 17-29; Rom. 7:21-8:17
January 18: Ezek. 40:1-4, 43:1-12, 40:5-42:20, 43:13-27; Rom. 8:18-39

Readings from the Small Catechism

What is Worship? Page 358
Table of Duties and Daily Prayers – Pages 30-36

Other Readings

Psalm: 89th Psalm
Hymn: All Mankind Fell in Adam’s Fall (Lutheran Service Book – 562)
Weekly Lesson: Exodus 19, 20, 24

This Week’s Prayer

Lord God, heavenly Father, in Holy Baptism we receive forgiveness of sins, deliverance from death and the devil, and eternal salvation. Bless us continually by Your Word and Spirit that we may faithfully keep the covenant into which we have been called, boldly confess our Savior, and finally share with all Your saints the joys of eternal life; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

A Pictorial Representation of The Augsburg Confession, Illustrated by Wenceslas_Hollar